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Timberland's Earthkeeper site poses the following question:
  Which NGOs and local community partners have an effective track record of helping companies scale their efforts to improve the lives of factory workers?

Dan's answer:
  What workers want most is good wages earned in a safe workplace.
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  The best way to achieve this at scale is to ensure that rights are respected throughout company business operations by involving NGOs in supply chain implementation,cheap timberland boots not simply as ‘after the fact’ social welfare providers. How? Integrate NGOs into the analysis of procurement, pricing, budgeting and hiring which define whether positive change is possible, as Verité, the FLA and ETI are doing. Ensure that social audits have workers at their center, like COVERCO’s. Build worker ownership of working conditions, as in Verité’s China collaboration with Timberland. Train workers on rights and life skills like the Panyu (China) Migrant Workers Documentation Handling Service Center.

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Timberland gave me only 100 words to start the discussion. With a bit more space I will add a bit more. My basic point intends to turn the Timberland question on its head. NGOs shouldn't be involved in scaling 'social welfare' programs only after sourcing and production have already made key decisions, and shouldn't be involved only in 'peripheral' activities like 'life skills' and health education.


Rather the best way for companies to scale their efforts to help workers is by living up to their codes. If companies and their suppliers -- down to the depths of the supply chain where raw materials are harvested and processed -- really did pay legal wages (much less living wages) for all hours worked, paid legally-mandated overtime premiums, eliminated workplace dangers, employed only those of legal age, gave equal opportunities to women and ethnic minorities, treated foreign migrant workers the same as domestic workers....then they wouldn't need to bring in NGOs to solve problems created in the course of 'business as usual' transactions.

Importantly, Verite and other NGOs know how to make Codes a reality. We do so through Supplier Development, which integrates Code compliance into the key hiring, supervisory,
navy blue timberland boots men,procurement and management decisions a business is already making.

The other programs mentioned on the Timberland discussion are absolutely valuable, but a conversation about NGO involvement at scale must focus on the basics of business decision-making. Verite's aim is to leverage the trillions of dollars spent in supply chains to the maximum benefit of workers, not simply the thousands spent on worker welfare and empowerment programs.

Net Impact is a global community of more than 50,000 professional and student leaders creating positive social and environmental change the workplace and the world.  NAEM is a professional association that promotes corporate environmental stewardship, creation of safe and healthy workplaces, and proliferation of global sustainability practices.

The event will take place on the morning of Thursday, May 29th, at EMD Millipore’s offices in Bedford.
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The event will feature industry panelists, including:

Christina Bosch Ladd, CR Programs Manager; EMD Millipore Corp.
  Eric Hudson, CEO & Founder; Preserve
Pete Lankford, Design Director, Footwear Concepts; Timberland LLC

Topics will include:

Design for Sustainability – Utilizing relationships with customers to jointly identify and address sustainability challenges associated with the products they need, with a focus on impact reduction and use of sustainable materials.

Life Cycle Assessment – Measuring the impacts throughout  the phases of a product’s life cycle – from raw materials to component and final manufacturing, to distribution, usage, and end-of-life disposal, identifying and addressing as many of the product’s most critical impact areas as possible.

Recycling & End of Life – Recognizing the environmental impact created by disposal of their used products and related packaging, developing programs to change the end-of-life scenario for products.

Timberland Acquisition

There are some important details that should be considered after timberland has been acquired. 
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  Taking care of these up front can save you time, money and headaches later on. The following is a short discussion of important tax considerations, for more detail on a specific subject follow the links in the description.

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